Breathalyzer Key Chain


Breathalyzer with key chain and light, to be used as an indicator for blood alcohol level. Calibrated to Irish drink-drive limits



This handy key chain with breathalyzer has a simple traffic light system to tell you if it is safe to take the wheel of your car. A green light means your breath is alcohol free. An amber light shows that you are under the Irish legal limit, and a red light tells you to leave the car where it is, and find another way of getting home !
The product is calibrated for Irish legislation, and it gives a good indication of your blood alcohol level. The ONLY safe advice is NEVER to drive if you have taken any alcohol. The breathalyzer would not be admissable in court, as it does not give a printout, and as it is not recognized by the Garda, but it certainly lets you know when you are showing signs of being near or over the legal limit.
It makes a great gift or promotional item, and it costs less than half the price of comparable units.
The breathalyzer can be used repeatedly (not a single use product like some others).