Empowerator for Smoking




This plug-in device emits a subliminal message, just below the normal hearing range.  The message is designed to reduce the desire to smoke, in much the same way as a hypnotherapist would deliver an affirmative message aimed at changing behaviour.  The difference is that instead of attending a series of expensive therapy sessions, you just keep this plugged in at home, or in the office, and whenever you are in range, the message is getting through to your subconscious brain.

There are no chemicals, and there is nothing to service or refill.  A DVD accompanies the Empowerator product, which explains how it works, and allows you to hear the actual message, but this time it is brought into the normal hearing range.

Versions are available for Smoking, Weight Control, and Stress Reduction.  The Smoking Version is shown here, but when ordering, just specify which one you require.