Fumite smoke generator to kill insects


Smoke generator for killing insects in glasshouses, conservatories, etc.
Also effective against fleas, bed-bugs, ants and cockroaches.
Check online to find out how many you need for your type of pest.


“Smoke’em’out” !
Whether you are plagued with aphds, fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches or any other flying or crawling insect, this is a highly effective way of dealing with the problem.
Using Fumite is easy, even if it is a tad dramatic.
Place opened Fumite containers around the area with the problem (the number of containers needed depends on the type of pest and the volume of the area). Then it’s just a matter of closing all windows, lighting the touch paper, and getting out.
After a couple of hours, the smoke will have done it’s job, and you can give the area a good airing before going back inside.
Contains Permethrin at a concentration of 13.4%. Permethrin is lethal to insects, and it would also kill your fish, so don’t use it in a room with a fish tank. It sounds like nasty stuff, but it is actually perfectly safe for humans, and it is used in creams to treat some rashes and irritations. However, like all chemical products, it is important to follow the instructions.