L’onglex Nail Polish Remover


250 ml bottle of L’onglex Nail Polish Remover

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This is one of those products we have that doesn’t really fit into what might be called our “usual thing”.
L’Onglex is simply the best nail polish remover ever made – it predated the better known Cutex brand, and Cutex was in fact introduced by the original L’Onglex manufacturer as a cheap’n’cheerful alternative.
L’Onglex has won many awards over the years, but it has drifted off the market, and it’s many fans scour the country trying to find it. Well the good news for them is that we not only own the brand, but we are happy to supply it direct.
It is available in 250 ml bottles, at only € 3.99 per bottle, plus a flat fee of € 5.00 Post & Packaging, regardless of how many bottles you buy.