10 x KN95 Facemasks


Pack of 10 KN95 rated face masks, suitable for everyday non-medical use.

Filtration efficiency of greater than 95%.  Meets the KN95 standard (equivalent to or higher than FFP2).  This product is imported directly by Brighter Image, and it is made by the same people that make our electronic pest repellers.  We have been working with this company for over 20 years, and as any PestClear customer will testify, their reputation for quality is second to none.




10 x KN95 Facemasks for  € 19.99

This is a high quality mask which has been tested to exceed the Chinese and UK safety standards KN95 and GB226-2006

That means that the mask effectively filters over 95% of particles, with negligible leakage.  The KN95 test requires that the mask is “fit tested” for security, which is more than is required by the EU standard FFP2.

The high level of filtration is matched with a lower resistance when exhaling, which means that it is easier to exhale than if using lower quality masks (or even FFP2 masks).  The design ensures a snug fit, making it ideal for people who need to use a mask for long periods at a stretch, such as shop workers, commuters, or people in regular close (but socially distanced) contact with other people.

In short, this is the highest quality mask that you can buy, short of something that would be used in an operating theatre or other highly specialised area.

Online websites are charging anything from € 5.00 to € 10.00 for similar masks, but we import directly from the factory in China, so our costs are lower, and we are happy to pass this on to you.

A box of 10 masks is available at only € 19.99 making the price of each mask just a tiny bit less than € 2.00 which represents unbeatable value for money.

Stock sells out almost as quickly as it comes in, so please order right away to ensure you take advantage of this offer.  If you need a large quantity of masks, we have even better pricing for a full case (50 packs of 10 masks).  Call us on 01-8439199 to discuss your needs.