PestClear 4000


The top of the PestClear range, PestClear 4000 covers a home up to 4,000 sq.ft. and repels mice, rats, other rodents, and many crawling insects.
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Professional standard for large house/office.
Two powerful ultasound speakers give double the ultrasound coverage of ANY other pest repeller. Instead of randomly sending out sounds, PestClear targets specific pests with frequencies known to effect them best. So we have separate settings for rodents, insects, and spiders, as well as a feature unique to PestClear, a setting that means it is safe to use the product even in the same room as a rodent pet, such as a hamster or gerbil.

PestClear 4000’s electromagnetic signal penetrates into all the areas behind walls, in ceiling spaces, attics and other hidden areas of your home, where mice, rats and many insects live and breed. Ours is the ONLY product to cover a home up to 4,000 sq.ft. and it can be plugged in anywhere in the house. It uses so little power that it costs virtually nothing to run.

This chemical free, safe product exceeds all CE safety regulations by a wide margin, and we absolutely guarantee that no other product is made to a higher standard.

For an environmentally responsible, safe, chemical free, and most importantly – a pest free zone to live in, PestClear is your best option, and PestClear 4000 is the top of the PestClear range.

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