PestClear Outdoor


The most powerful outdoor pest repeller you can buy, for cats, rats, dogs, squirells, rabbits, badgers, foxes and other garden pests.


The most powerful outdoor pest repeller on the market.
With an amazing 4 SPEAKERS, this product packs a punch that will repel whatever animal is causing you problems. Separate settings for small, medium and large animals.
Operates by detecting motion and then emitting a burst of ultrasound noise, inaudible to humans, but intensely irritating to the targetted amimals. Can also operate on a 2 or 5 minute timer.
Comes with power supply, and 10 metre extension lead.
Most customers also buy the PRSOLAR solar power supply, which frees you up to locate the product anywhere, even if there is no suitable power supply available.
IP rated to withstand rain and cold, this is the most powerful outdoor repeller you can buy.
With the experience gained from over 100,000 outdoor pest repeller sales, we designed this product to be absolutely uncompromising in its power, weather protection, and effectiveness

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