Plastic Multi-Catch Mouse Trap


Plastic Multi-Catch mouse trap catches up to 4 mice

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Plastic multi-catch mouse trap which catches up to 4 mice at a time.

Mice enter the trap, and because of the clever design, they are unable to get out.  The trap can be removed away from the house, and the mice can be released.  This is an easy, humane way to deal with mice, but it is very important to check the trap regularly, as the mice will die from stress if they are left in there too long.

Our own view is that quick kill traps, like the pre-baited plastic mousetrap, are actually the most humane way of dealing with mice.  For people who don’t want to harm the mice, then the PestClear Humane Mouse Trap does not force multiple mice to share a very confined space, and we think that’s a better solution too, but really it’s a matter of personal choice, so we’re happy to give this alternative.