Ultrasonic Bark Trainer


Ultrasonic bark trainer, to reduce unwanted barking from your dog. Trains most dogs in 3-4 weeks


Attach this bark trainer to your dog’s collar and in a few weeks the dog will learn not to bark unless it has a good reason to do so.
Unlike other bark trainers, this product monitors the intensity of the barking behaviour, and in the early stages of training the dog, it only emits the training “buzz” if the barking is particularly loud. The training “buzz” sensation is mildly irritating for the dog, but it does not hurt, and it is in no way harmful or frightening for the animal.
The intensity of the “buzz” is adjustable, so for the first few days, you set it to “High”, and as the correct behaviour is learned, both the noise level needed to activate the “buzz”, and the intensity of the “buzz” can both be scaled back.
It normally takes 3-4 weeks to train a dog, though this can vary. Some dogs pick up the idea very quickly, and we are happy to hold our hands up and admit that a few dogs might just ignore the whole thing ! That’s the chance you take when you buy, but overall results are excellent in most cases.
Requires 3 button cell batteries (not supplied) and one set of batteries should be more than enough to train any dog.