Ultraviolet Light Fly Trap


9W ultraviolet light fly trap, which catches flies on a glueboard. Plugs directly into wall, so no trailing wires



This great product catches all the little flies you hardly even noticed around the house. A strong 9W ultraviolet light attracts the insects, and once they enter the trap, they stick to a glueboard positioned behind the light.
The trap is safer than the traditional electrocuting grid style of fly trap, as it has no high voltage components for little fingers to find, and the bulb is cool to the touch.
Also, there are no trailing wires, as the trap plugs directly into any electrical socket.
The 9W light also serves as a nightlight, so this is a great product for children’s bedrooms.
Supplied with 2 pin EU style plug, and a 3 pin adapter.
When you buy this month, we will include a pack of 10 extra glueboards (RRP €4.99) absolutely free.