Wooden Mouse Trap x 30


Box of 30 wooden mousetraps, with traditional treadle design, and recessed bait holder.
Note that entering a quantity of “1” means you get one box of 30 traps

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Stock up on wooden mouse traps with this great offer.
When bought in a box of 30 traps, the unit cost is a measly €0.66 per trap.
At that price, use a trap once, and then throw it away.
The traps are high quality, made from sustainable wood sources, and they feature the traditional treadle design, with a recessed hole for the bait, and a strong spring action that guarantees an instant kill.

But just LOOK AT THE PRICE. Similar traps cost up to € 1.99 in most shops, but by ordering online, you get each trap for a miserable € 0.66

Best used along with PestClear whole house pest repellers.